» This creative project involves the exploration of Internet delivery methods for qualitative research in visual culture. It strives to engage new thinking into the use of graphic design, interactive narrative and web design/development by increasing research communication through the utilization of technology. The content of this thesis involves investigation and discovery of the ideas, imagination and experience of a group living and/or working at Le Centre Azur, a YMCA conference center located in Sanary-sur-Mer, France.

» The project focuses special attention on narrative, cultural ideas and the identity of the group. Goals also include the communication a multilayered yet intelligible narrative of the stories collected. This is an effort to clearly communicate the local as well as popular conceptions of Le Centre Azur contextualized within its relationship to Sanary-sur-Mer. I collected all data while living and working with the other subjects.

» This creative project is designed to employ several emerging methods of design research to further critical practice and thinking within the field. As the social sciences play a greater role in thinking about the process of design, the project serves as a visual research model taking into consideration the associations between social observation / practice, narrative, and visual culture.

» Through the employment of emerging technologies such as Adobe’s Flash, I am able to permit website visitors to follow predefined stories as they select a photo montage, video footage and spoken description in the building of an “experience”. Visitors are also able to select story attributes from several categories constructing a seemingly haphazard “experience”. However, this plays into the crux of the question, “how do we truly understand other cultures?” I feel that often our comprehension of “the other” is always clouded as we look through our unique lenses. Since I am not dictating the photo, video and voice elements of the experience, users are able to build a unique look at Le Centre Azur and those that live and work there.

May 2006

Committee Members:
Maria Rogal (Chair)
Melinda (Mindy) McAdams
Brian Slawson