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second year review
this poster series examines four individuals and four "topics" i found particularly interesting while traveling in mexico. the type is placed so as to be mostly legible with some areas behind the imagery. this is in response to not being fully able to comprehend the truth in situations regarding "the other".

» PHOTOS 2004
by implementing externals images and content files, this site is designed for ease of update. the content is a collection of photos taken in five countries. my goals involved viewing instances of tourism that collide with culture and/or cultural abnormalities in an almost "gonzo" journalistic style.

limiting this site to one page for final content delivery, it was designed to bridge the gap between interview respondent and audience. emotional intelligence plays a large role in content delivery in all forms of design and media, and my goal here is to begin asking pertinent questions concerning emotional intelligence.

this project involves the design of a product as if we were selling ourselves. being a musician and having some of my more interesting childhood memories center on spending time around or discussing carnivals with my father, i decided on a circus poster design for a 33 1/3 rpm album. the sides of the album take a viewer through the past and present of my life.

a quick look so we can move on to the next work sample.

this is a variation on a "day in the life" type experiment. my process involved taking photos of the inventions and machines we utilize on any given day. i then took the photos and distilled them into a simple line drawing, definition and an abstracted version of the object.

the five items listed on these cards are a revision of the aiga's standards of professional practice. i translated the standards with a design student as the target audience and compiled them in a handy set to be shared and collected. when all five are assembled, they form a photocopier and graphic design emblem of sorts.

» PEDESTRIAN VIDEO (external file)
looking at pedestrian traffic and usage patterns, i set out to document the layered and seemingly chaotic traffic on the university of florida's campus. then i took the video and outlined certain pedestrians and finally blended all of the drawings onto one "canvas".

for the final project in visual arts and social struggle (arh 6917), i wrote about the design found in the heavily photocopied punk rock design aesthetic of the 1980's. i chose to design a poster series on the concept of anarchy and five main premises outlined in the article, Seeing Past the Outpost of Post-Anarchism, by Sandra Jeppesen.