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time-based media

» time-based media is an introduction to the aesthetic and conceptual practices of time-based media. students will learn about basic production techniques, project planning, and experimental video & imaging concepts using linear and non-linear editing techniques, and by incorporating various media into the world of video. this is for the student interested in beginning to use video as an art form in conjunction with other media. lectures, screenings and readings form the basis of instruction. historical and conceptual issues will be addressed through lectures and readings. students are evaluated based on class discussion, critiques, technical proficiency with various media, and their own experimentation.

» journal entries

» project one: realtime
guidelines: capture two minutes of footage with no script, soundtrack, effects, etc. only be concerned with the ambient sounds that are in the background.

concept statement: i want to aurally document the sounds of steel-belted radial tires on concrete moving at a high speed.

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» project two: montage
guidelines: using imagery, video and still from several sources, create a cohesive visual message.

concept statement: a look at the currents that power us... blood and electrical. specifically how we seldom think about them, unless they stop working properly.

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» project three: music video
guidelines: collaborative work (with ricardo hernandez) setting imagery, still and motion to "frijolero" by molotov.

concept statement: this video juxtaposes the pleasure periphery with the squater filled bario's (neighborhoods) found less than a few miles from the ocean. many residents are employed as a result of the tourist zone, so this raises a few questions. does the pleasure periphery enhance or detract from their lives? and what would their living condition be without it? the video is a collection on digital footage and photos gathered during an ethnograpic trip to mexico in march 2004.

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» project four: ???

concept statement:

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